Today's range of the DEKO machines includes cabinet type instrument washer-disinfectors in four different sizes to meet the needs for optimum capacity. All models are provided with state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Control system allowing the most advanced, user-friendly possibilities for process control, verification & registration, modifications and service assistance.

All machines are front-loaded, free-standing and dimensioned to maximise the relation of occupied floor space and machine capacity. The horizontal door and retractable wash shelves design allow easy, flexible and hygienic loading/unloading without the need for fixed racks, trolleys or conveyors that require extra handling, processing and attention.

Depending on the supply services, the heating power for washing and disinfection can either be by steam from a central steam network or, generated by integrated, safely concealed electrical heating elements.

The thermal disinfection phase in all instrument wd's is carried out by hot water. The dryer is equipped with HEPA -filtering. The cycle is being monitored by integrated independent sensors as required by the ISO EN 15883-1 and 15883-2 standard.

DEKO 25, -260, -2000, D32 are also available as LABORATORY -models.

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