The Deko 25 has been designed to bring reliability, outstanding cleaning and disinfection performance and quality into one compact and economic washer-disinfector.

The Deko 25 can be situated on a dedicated DEKO stand accessory or a cabinet, as wells as, be positioned undercounter.

Utilising the power of the 260 litres per minute circulation pump, process and cleaning results are guaranteed throughout the wash chamber. The capacity also allows for the insertion of a warious additional wash racks to facilitate the washing of cannulated instruments, dental handpieces, hoses, glassware, rigid scopes, hollowware etc..

The Deko 25 comes as standard with pre-set programs installed and protected, however additional tailored programs can be added to meet any process requirements such as dental or laboratory use.

The washing spray patterns are delivered through 2 rotating spray arms or utilising jet rack connectors and guarantee water contact with all surfaces and crevices of instruments with the most  intricate design.

Technical data sheet (pdf)

EN ISO 13485 certificate (pdf)

EC certificate according to MDD-directive 93/42/EEC (pdf)

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